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October 23, 2011

You are here: Home / News / Chrome 13 Dominates Windows 7 Browser Comparison, Bows To Safari On OS X
Chrome 13 Dominates Windows 7 Browser Comparison, Bows To Safari On OS X
August 29, 2011 By Ross Leave a Comment

As the browser wars continue to heat up with the two long running leaders, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox continuing to lose market share to Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari, more and more blogs abound with comparison tests. Many of these tests are less than comprehensive, and pretty much all of the tests we’ve seen have been specific to a single operating system, at least until now.
Adam Overa, a contributing writer at Tom’s Hardware, today published a comprehensive cross platform test which compares all the major browsers across both operating systems where possible. The test, in response to numerous requests for a browser comparison on the Mac similar to previous tests done on Windows, covers numerous capabilities across major areas of performance, efficiency, reliability and standards conformance on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X. Overa notes:
In case you didn’t notice, this is Web Browser Grand Prix VI, not Web Browser Grand Prix 6. That’s because the twist this time is Mac OS X. We’re running Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari on Mac OS X, along with the usual suspects on Windows 7.
Obviously you can read full test (it runs almost 20 pages) if you have the time, but to save you the trouble we’ve summarized the results below:
Windows Rankings

Internet Explorer
Mac OS X Rankings

Note that IE did not feature at all in the Mac rankings as IE 9 does not support any OS other than Windows 7. While Safari performed very well on the Mac OS, it did miserably on Windows 7. In contrast, not only did Chrome dominate the Windows browser tests, it placed a strong second on OS X as well. So if you’re someone who runs browsers on both Mac and Windows machines (or Windows only) and want a consistently good experience from a single browser, Chrome is the obvious choice. But for OS X only users, Safari provides a fantastic experience and is a serious alternative to Chrome. Which browser do you use and why?
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